Throw down your truth and check your weapons. And don't look to see if you're alone.

All right. This book doesn't actually belong to anybody yet, and it'll probably morph even more by the time its done, so I am not too worried about doing this. What follows is the first two chapters of the revision of By The Mountain Bound in its rough draft form. I still have some work to do with Strifbjorn's voice in places (bone-dry Norwegian sense of humor is very hard to do in print, I gotta tell ya.), and it's not the book I would write today, of course, but you can never step in the same river twice.

This novel is set in the same world as All the Windwracked Stars and The Sea thy Mistress, and it takes place some 2300 years before that first one. Or, more precisely, it ends on the same day that AtWS begins. But then there's a two-millennium gap between the first chapter and the second chapter.

This whole thing is known collectively as "The Edda of Burdens." (I often refer to it as The Norse Noir Steampunk Cyberfantasy. Except BtMB is heroic fantasy, if it's anything, while AtWS takes place in a postapocalyptic feudal city under the rule of a heroic Technomancer.

It's Norse-ish, but it's not Midgard.

In fact, Midgard is five hundred years ash and ice by the time our story commences....

this contains some grown-up stuff. fair warning. if you are not a grown-up, read something else.Collapse )
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Blood and Iron, chapter one

But first ye'll let the black gae by,
And then ye'll let the brown;
Then I'll ride on a milk-white steed,
You'll pull me to the ground.

--Tam Lin, Child Ballad version #39C

So, Liz has given me permission to post the first three chapters of Blood and Iron online. Stealing an idea from truepenny, I'll be posting one chapter this month, one in April, and a final one in May. The book comes out June 27th, to compete as directly as possible with truepenny and scott_lynch, among others.

So, here's chapter one of Blood and Iron, in the more or less final form.

Happy Ides of March.

(If this intrigues you, you might also like to check out the goings-on at elaine_andraste. Because everybody has a livejournal, these days.)
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Whiskey & Water cut scene

Breaking a long silence, let me say, hullo!

I see some new faces out there. This is a fiction-only journal; the actual day to day muttering takes place over at matociquala.

Today's post is a scene cut from about a third of the way through Whiskey & Water for reasons of length and insufficient returns on the plot. It contains some minor spoilers for Blood & Iron and Whiskey & Water, but since B&I won't be out until next July and W&W is probably slated for 2007, you'll have forgotten all about it by then.

In it, two creatures of Faerie have journeyed to New York City for the express purpose of slaughtering a human Mage. And they're having dinner now.

The book's in omniscient. Fair warning.

I hope you enjoy.

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